U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

2-01 Responsibilities of Trainers


Diligent effort is needed to perfect the various hand-to-hand combat techniques, to apply them instinctively, and to teach others to safely master them. The following instructor responsibilities are the core of planning and executing combatives training.

a. Seek maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Continually strive to reduce all unnecessary explanations, movement, and activity. Streamline the training without compromising content, efficiency, or safety.

b. Stress cooperation and technical mastery. Promote suppleness and controlling aggression.

c. Reinforce the details of each technique and provide positive feedback when warranted. Use occasional humor to motivate soldiers, but avoid degrading or insulting them.

d. Ensure serviceable training aids are present in sufficient quantities for all soldiers being trained. Ensure training areas are well maintained and free of dangerous obstructions.

e. Ensure instructors and assistant instructors are well-rehearsed and prepared before all training sessions. Conduct instructor training at least five hours weekly to maintain a high skill level.

f. Develop as many skilled combatives instructors for each unit as possible. Instructor-to-soldier ratios should not exceed 1 instructor for 20 soldiers. Encourage after-duty training and education for instructors.

g. Require strict discipline of all soldiers.

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  • Jacqueline Lloyd

    Just a quick question,
    I can’t seem to find anything about who is certified to teach MACP. I am certified level II, and I was told that I am able to teach level I, but I can’t seem to find anything about it in the regulations. My unit is trying to plan combatives training for FY13. Also does your certificate ever expire? Or is it indefinite?
    Thank you,
    SGT Jacqueline Lloyd

    • 1SG Mason

      Go to the Combatives School Home page on the FT Benning website. It lists the responsibilities of each level of trainer and has everything you need to hold Level I and II courses.

  • MAJ Troy Thomas

    SGT Lloyd,

    You are able to teach both level I and II techniques; you are just not authorized to certify anyone. You must be a level III to certify level I and a level IV to certify level II. Only the Soldiers at the US Army Combatives School at Fort Benning can certify level III and IV. Hope that helps.

    Train Hard,

    MAJ Thomas

  • Gilmore

    Is it in any regulation that says you need to be any level certified to instruct combatives for pt ? My unit insist on having any joe certified at level 1 or not at all to lead combatives which ends up just going straight into a mosh pit , no stretching no technique etc.. It’s just not safe or organized in any way . How can i bring attention to my command that its not how it should be done

  • Santos, Fred

    How does one go about starting a combatives program at the unit level?

    SPC Santos

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