U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

2-11 Demostrations


A well-coordinated demonstration and professional demonstrators are crucial for successful learning by soldiers. Unrehearsed presentations or inadequately trained demonstrators can immediately destroy the credibility of the training. Two methods are appropriate for demonstrating combative techniques based on the size of the group to be taught.

a. Company-Size Formation or Larger. The instructor or demonstrator uses the talk-through method. The primary instructor talks the demonstrators through the techniques by the numbers, and then the demonstrators execute at combat speed. The soldiers can see how to apply the move being taught in relation to the instructor or demonstrator. The primary instructor is free to control the rate of the demonstration and to stress key teaching points. The demonstrators must be skilled in properly applying the techniques so soldiers can adequately grasp the intended concepts.

b. Platoon-Size Formation or Smaller. A good method for demonstrating to a smaller formation is for the primary instructor to apply the technique being taught to an assistant instructor. The primary instructor talks himself through the demonstration. He stresses correct body movement and key teaching points as he does them.

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