U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

2-15 Training Pads and Other Protective Equipment


Training pads are highly recommended to enhance training (Figure 2-16). They allow full-forced strikes by soldiers and protect their training partners. Although striking is a inefficient way to end a fight, it is a very important part of a fight. Pads enable soldiers to feel the effectiveness of striking techniques and to develop power in their striking. Instructors should encourage spirited aggressiveness. Pads can be tackle dummy pads or martial arts striking pads. Training pads can be requisitioned through supply channels or purchased locally.

a. The use of pads is especially recommended for knee-strike practice drills, and kicking drills. Ideally, the pad is placed on the outside of the training partner’s thigh, protecting the common perennial nerve. Pads can also be held against the forearms in front of the head and face to allow practice of knee or elbow strikes to this area.

b. Other protective equipment, such as shin guards, can also be useful to practice with improvised weapons.

Figure 2-16. Training pads.

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