U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

3-07 Drills


Drills are used as a portion of the warm-up, which allows the maximum use of training time, stresses the importance of position, and also keeps training focused on perfecting the basic moves. Different details can be taught or emphasized during each training session. This will result in a deeper understanding of the techniques, as well as building muscle memory, teaching the soldiers to move in the most efficient ways naturally. More advanced techniques can be substituted within the framework of the drill after sufficient skill level is shown in the basics.

a. Drill 1 (Basic Drill). This drill begins with one soldier mounted.

(1) Step 1. The soldier on the bottom escapes the mount using the trap and roll technique.

(2) Step 2. The same soldier passes the guard and achieves the mount.

(3) Step 3. The roles now reverse and the second soldier goes through steps one and two.

b. Drill 2. This drill also begins with one soldier mounted.

(1) Step 1. Using the arm trap and roll technique, the soldier on top gains the back mount.

(2) Step 2. As soon as the first soldier sets the hooks in, the second soldier rolls over one shoulder and escapes the back mount.

(3) Step 3. When the second soldier is mounted, the roles will reverse, and they will go back through steps one and two.

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