U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

4-01 Advanced Body Positions


a. North-South Position (Figure 4-1). This position allows many possible attacks and is very difficult for the enemy to escape from. You should attempt to control the enemy’s arms by placing your elbows on the ground in his arm pits. You will also need to shift your weight in order to prevent him from rolling you over.

Figure 4-1. North-south position.

Figure 4-1. North-south position.

b. Knee in the Stomach (Figure 4-2). Another very important dominant body position is the knee mount. When in the knee mount, the knee should be in the middle of the enemy’s chest. The foot should be hooked around his hip. The opposite knee should be off of the ground and back away from the enemy’s head, and the hips should be set forward to maintain balance.

Figure 4-2. Knee in the stomach.

Figure 4-2. Knee in the stomach.

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