U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

5-08 Attack from the Rear


In the rear attack, the unsuspecting is knocked to the ground and kicked in the groin, or rear mounted. The soldier can then kill the sentry by any proper means. Since surprise is the essential element of this technique, the soldier must use effective stalking techniques (Figure 5-39, Step 1). To initiate his attack, he grabs both of the sentry’s ankles (Figure 5-39, Step 2). Then he heaves his body weight into the hips of the sentry while pulling up on the ankles. This technique slams the sentry to the ground on his face. Then, the soldier may follow with a kick to the groin (Figure 5-39, Step 3) or by achieving the rear mount.

Figure 5-39. Attack from the rear.

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