U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

6-02 Punching Combinations


Strikes must be thrown in combinations to be effective-“bunches of punches” as the old boxing saying goes. Combination punching must be practiced in order to come naturally while under the stress of combat. After the basic punches are learned individually, they should be practiced in combination. Particular attention should be paid to snapping each hand back into a defensive posture after it is used. Remember that when you are in punching range, so is the enemy. You must make a good defense an integral part of your offense. Some combination punches are:

  • Jab—reverse punch.
  • Jab—reverse punch—hook.
  • Jab—hook.
  • Jab—hook-reverse punch.
  • Lead hand uppercut to the body—trail hand uppercut to the body—hook to the head.
  • Lead hand uppercut to the body—trail hand uppercut to the body—lead hand horizontal elbow strike—trail hand upward elbow strike.

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