U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

9-01 Range

9-1. RANGE

You will usually find yourself in a hand-to-hand situation unexpectedly; for example, your weapon jams when entering a room during MOUT. The first thing you must do is determine the appropriate actions to take, which will primarily be based on the range to the enemy. Against an armed enemy, the deciding factor of range is whether or not you can close the gap before the enemy can bring his weapon to bear.

a. Close Range. If you are near enough to the enemy to close before he can bring his weapon to bear, you should immediately close the distance and gain control of him.

b. Long Range. If the range is too great, or the enemy has sufficient time to bring his weapon to bear, the only options are to escape or take cover. Give your buddy a clear shot or get where you can clear your weapon to get yourself back in the fight.

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