U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

9-04 Two Against One


The most common error when fighting in groups is to enter the fight without a plan. This results in uncoordinated actions, and often in working against each other. Only practice gives soldiers the necessary confidence in themselves and their comrades and the ability to think and act together under the stress of hand-to-handcombat.


When fighting two against one, use the following procedures.

a. Angles of Attack. The fighters shouldadvance together, spreading out so that if the enemy turns to face either soldier he will expose his flank to the other.

b. Communication. One soldier should attack the enemy’s legs and the other should concentrate on his upper body. This can be done by signal, or the soldier attacking the flank can automatically go low. After the enemy is on the ground, good communication is necessary so that you can control and then finish him.

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