U.S. Army Combatives – FM 3-25.150

9-07 One Against Two


When fighting one against two, use the following procedures.

a. Remain Standing. Defeating two opponents simultaneously is very difficult. When outnumbered, you should usually try to remain standing-mobility is critical to an effective defense or escape. It is very important not to expose your back. You must use the obstacles around you to restrict the enemies’ movements so that you face only one at a time, or maneuver yourself to the flank of the one nearest to you and use him to block the other one. Attack the first enemy using strikes or field-expedient weapons, and then deal with the remaining one.

b. Defense on the Ground. If you should lose your footing or be taken to the ground, you must protect your back. Your best defense is to move into a corner or against a wall. Use a modified guard, so that your legs are not exposed, to limit the enemies’ ability to attack simultaneously.

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